My Friends Kahwin Oh!!!

Because of friend Joey and Wina wedding I went to buy Baju Melayu at Nazmi. WalauEh ready make one Baju Melayu already cost me B$50.00 after discount!!! I didn't expected cost that much lah!! I remember last time I went to make one at kedai jahit only like B$20 or 30 dollars saja but of coz that is about 13 years ago lah! Friends ask me why no wearing Songkok? Wah... this one hard to buy lah.... I go here go there also cannot find my size unless I wear the topi Haji ah that one got my size lah!!!
It was the great ceremony and I also the first time heard Iman use English for the speech!! Don't Play Play Oh... Thumbs up no kidding bruthers...
Now the baju what should I do? wait for Hari Raya loh or maybe my another's friend's wedding oh!!!

This are all my best paloi friends!!! Awesome.... 

Are we both look alike??? hehehe

Oi.... Adi, Bila you kahwin? If not I have no chance to wear this again oh!!!

Yeah.... they both finally married!!!

I like the signs in every rooms all got different style!!!

Lucky got special room for us if not I sweat like going swimming oh!!!