Miss Tiffany's Universe 2013 (Press Conference)

I tell you the truth.... After I was upload the photos here and when I really to write something I don't what to write. My brain are blank! I keep telling myself... how to right oh!!! Write foods write nonsense I can lah... now ask me to write Ladyboy/Shemale a.k.a Pondan how oh!!!!
All I can say is their all really Pretty. Their Pretty is not the Normal Pretty... Is a Pretty of Pretty than woman by a Man!!! Can you feel me???
You just imagine you are me in the event, hundred of Ladyboy in front of you and they all lawa skali! And you know they are beautiful but you can't ask for a date out with them because they are man!
But me last last just dare and ask a ladyboy for his Facebook. Coz He is really cute!! And he know how to speak chinese too coz he been in Taiwan for 1 year plus.
I kinda wondering how much money they spend for their body you know! I guess more or less also want 30K kali! 

This one I show you all is just a registration for all the participants and is more than enough for you to cuci your mata! On April 10 at the contest's first round at Central World, Bangkok. April 30 Competition MISS KISS SEXY STAR 2013 (swimsuit) Central Festival Pattaya Beach. The final event is on the 3rd of May at Pattaya Tiffany's Show Theater Pattaya Co., Ltd. 464 Moo 9 Pattaya Second Road, Tambon Nong Prue, Banglamung, Chonburi 20260. Tickets got 2 type VIP seats cost 2,800 Baht(B$121.00) and  Mezzanine seating 1,800 Baht (B$78.00)
This is the 15th year of the Miss Tiffany's Universe and now this is also one of the big event in Thailand. Don't play play now many people come to watch this beauty contest around the world sudah! 
Honestly... I think I spend a B$78.00 to watch this show much more better than watch the Miss World, Miss Earth or Miss Universe lah! 
If my wife allow me to go watch... I think will go and have a look see who is the winner. Maybe is the one I add him in the Facebook.... heheheh!!! Good Luck Airada!!!!
More info about the Miss Tiffany... Click HERE

Everyone are so excited the show start!!!

Which one you think is pretty?? Me I like the Brown Dress one...  

The show begin.... don't salah salah give signal ok... all boys tu don't play play!!! hahaha 

They are they 2013 participants of Miss Tiffany's  Universe. 

Of coz not all pretty one lah.... Still got few look like Godzilla!!! 
(Do you see someone digging gold there??)

Now.... see only ok Don't jealous!!!
Here they are I think are really pretty beautiful... They not only beautiful but also Tall, Slim and White like milk!!! I'm kinda regret didn't bring my DSLR camera there! 

Bruthers please meet my new friend Airada.