#McdBru Breakfast Finally Touch Down

Yesterday I'm making a history! I'm the first customer of the Mcdonald's breakfast!!! Don't play play oh yesterday is their first day launch their breakfast at 9 am and I'm the one first walk in and got the 1st receipt with printed my bill pay at 09:00:40 second!!! Everything is just the same... even the taste also not a little change!!! Awesome.... now we can have more choice for our breakfast not need Kolomee, Nasi Lemak or Mee Goreng in the early morning!! At the moment they started to serve the breakfast at 9 am in the morning and end at 11am. Yeah for some Mcd Breakfast lover maybe is kinda late for their breakfast but no worries eventually their gonna open it really early, now it just a trail see how's is the feedback.
Today the first day feedback and response also not bad. Just after open 10 minutes saja the Q has already started. So I'm sure today lagi banyak people come for it...
Who say cannot brush teeth at McdBru here!!! 
I come to rush and this morning no time to brush ba!!!!

 We are the first 3 customers came for the breakfast!!!
Me first... Mark second and Maureen is the third!!! 
All my treat!!!!

I'm going to keep this receipt!!! 
You see the number one??? hehehe

Just after I got my Sausage McdMuffin and sit down... look the people start Q sudah! 

Mmmm..... Yummy!!!