McD Bru Breakfast Coming Soon

Ok this is kinda my pantang things lah. Every country I go I must at least one time I makan the local McDonald there. So this trip I went to Bangkok I also do the same thing. 
Me and my friend we both went to eat the breakfast during on our way to pray the Phra Phrom (four faced buddha)
Now guess what... me eat McD in Brunei for so many years and finally next week we are going to have the very first time McD breakfast sudah! 
Breakfast on the GO at Gadong McDonald’s on Monday 25 March 2013
When I told my friend about this he said he want to camp out their door and be the first one in history of McDBru first breakfast customer! Yeah it sound crazy but think about it is also awesome right... So Joey go for it, you can do it!! 
here are the menu and prices and it start at  9am till 11am.

Ala carte
Meal with coffee/ tea and hash brown
1. Egg Muffin with Chicken Roll
2. Sausage McMuffin with Egg
3. Sausage McMuffin

This is my day morning energy in Bangkok!

Look how I faithful to Mcd. Last year in KK for my friend's Stag party. Me be the first wake up and still haven't mandi already come here and eat their breakfast! 
Wow... my kaki so sexy and putih lah!!! hahaha I was thinking to sit on their counter can take picture one!!!