Makan Penang @RadissonBrunei

Oh..... tummy so full now!!! Feel so sorry about my belly but no choice I can't help it! I love to eat and especially out Asian food. Tonight me bring my wife and kids when to try out the Radisson Hotel "Pearl of The Orient". They serve Penang foods which have the famouse Nasi Kandar, Assam Laksa etc.  
Now if you talk about Buffet.... I always like to do it with my own way especially when come to noodles or dessert. I like to create my own way to eat it and not only the food taste yummy but also look tasty! I call it Fun Eat Factors! 
It actually very simple to do... Whatever the Chef prepare for you, you just add or put some more addition stuff in your foods. Just like my Assam Laksa... is kinda feel too simple but just go back to the buffet line and look for some other things to add on size up!!! And I can more happy and fun to enjoy my dinner!!! 
Do it Bruthers... see you can do something different with your buffet like my or not!

Now you see this is the original one.... 

Now this is my Assam Laksa after modified. Isn't it look much more yummy??? hehehe