Last Day.... Last Order!!!

This is our last day.... so early in the morning I told my friend said today we only do "EAT and Drink" no "Shopping" anymore! Even if we kana food poison also no problem coz is the last day just go back Brunei and see doctor saja lah!!!
But guess what... my friend he more hardcore than me early in the morning already want to eat Fried Chicken Wing...  So after I notice that our room aircon is a 3 horsepower use by restaurant type we tarus go cari a man selling chicken wing on the road side!
Me I buy Subway for my breakfast this time... looks like my buddy he upgrade to level 8 already! congratulation...

To look for a street food in Bangkok wasn't hard one.. just look for a Train Station, MRT or BTS under it sure have one. Coz Thai people go to work once they came down from the station this is where they have their fast breakfast. So my buddy buy coffee first then baru buy his chicken wing!!!

8:30am.... Chicken Wing! As you can see my friend how love it so much!!!
Honestly yummy lah Bruthers! 

My breakfast!!! 

In Thai Tasty/Yummy is call Aloi... 

I bring him to a very famous hospital in Bangkok "Bumrungrad International Hospital" behind the hospital there is where the nurse and staff makan there... Don't worry kana food poisoning coz the hospital just next to it.... hahahaha
We order soup noodle at the road side and bring it to a shop makan there!!! 

I love to adding some sugar and chili powder in... Aloi!!! 

Hello Friend.... Aloi or not???

Eh.... we call it Boom!!! 

Again Aloi!!!!!

After that.... We still have plenty of time. So we went to BTS skytrain buy a "DayPass" only 130 baht. Sit from East to West, from  North To South... like that we also can burn 2 hours in the train!!!
Is enjoy lah but tired loh!!!  

This is the last station MoChit which is where the chatuchak weekend market lah!  See how the car parking. Head to tail, tail to head. Is normal to park like that here, all you need is don't put your car in "P" gear and tarik hand break! when you want to go out someone will come and help you to push the other car in front or behind your car away! Steady right....

This is another end station name "On Nut"
Yeah.. 2 hours siting we both On Nut now!!!

Yeah is fun but not after 2 hours lah!!! 

So we decide to change... try the MRT go one place and makan again... As per out mission today last day is Eat eat eat...

I wondering how do they know that I'm buying a Adult fare oh? 

Coz after I choose my destination and pay the fare this is the only "thing'' come out. Just use this token to masuk the gate.....

Once you out just drop the token in this machine!! I wonder how it know that I'm not a kid??? 

I always lost direction in the MTR... this is the signboard help me out!! 

Come I show you where to look for Clean & Hygiene Bangkok Street Foods. Come here Rama 9 (a.k.a Pha Lang Gao) the basement there got nice and yummy makan!!!

Here.... The Tops Market!!! Majority what you see us eat on the street here also have!!! But I still think the dirty street one are more yummy!!  But if you takut kana food poisoning then you eat here lah! 
Come Bangkok must learn a little bit of their food name. Chicken Rice is call Khao Man Gai.
If not sudah cari makan tu!!! 

Is normal when you see your Khao Man Gai is half a size of our one here! I normally eat two plate! 

You know what is this liao right (clickhere)! Sai Krok...

Too bad can't find frozen one if not I tapao home!!! 

BBQ chicken ball with Thai chili sauce!!! 

After my chicken rice... I still want to eat this duck rice! 

Thai Satay.... and that is their ketupat!!! 

Look their toilet sign.... very creative 

Eh.... he selling sayur!!! Very creative, like that also can do business.