Is My Turn

Now no more easy day for my house sudah lah... me now also have to be same like you people every weeks and day have to go check the meter left how many power to use. One night I also same like you mid night wake up because of no more credit in the meter T.T
Now everything have to learn from beginning how to key in the credit and where to buy the credit.
Bye bye Black meter and welcome white meter!
Hey but now think about it my old meter got more than 30 years already but still never rosak one time as you can see that how good quality it that... 365 day and night none stop spin and spin and never ever once rosak. Then I look at it is made in japan, nearly everything is make by basi!!! Wah tahan lah this meter. Now this new one is made from China..... I wondering it can tahan for how long oh.... The plastic cover, key button and the screen.