I'm Back Home Bruthers!!!

Finally I'm home from the 5 Days Bangkok trip. All I Can say about the trip is Fun, Yummy and Hot.
Fun is going there with one of my buddy that we janji long time ago want to go there and finally this year after the 7 years janji we fly!. Yummy is I bring him go many place to makan. From Restaurant makan-makan until Food Court and from food court makan until road side street foods also have. Lucky the 5 days trip makan we did not kana foods poison!!!! Hot.. yes now Bangkok is very hot! Me everyday walking on the street feel like in Sauna Room!!!

In this trip my purpose is to visit Bangkok is for the Thao Maha  Brahma the four face Buddha. Last year suppose to go but due the my new born baby and some job thinks I delay for it nearly two years. 
Overall this trip every things goes very smooth, I bought the stuff I found long time already finally found there, Right on time to watch the Best Ladyboy came to the Siam Discovery for participants Miss Tiffany's Universe 2013. And I also bring my buddy went to a lot of place that travel agent don't bring you go places!
Bah.... just tell you sikit-sikit here saja. Tomorrow I slowly show you more the place I go in Bangkok lah... Me now very tired, want to rest first!!!