Goodbye Bangkok Trip 2013

Always like that... the last day if going back home sure think of "wa so fast now have to go home already"
Yes is time to pack and go home. Yeah we do kinda miss Bangkok but we miss Brunei more! I miss my wife and kids already!
I been to Bangkok many time sudah but this time is the earliest one wake up, check out and catch the flight! We have to wake up at 3am, 3:45am take a taxi to airport and flight take of at 6:55am!
Next time I don't think I want to take this flight that anymore unless is a FREE TRIP lah!

After I come back Brunei many people ask me how's my trip. Yeah is fun but my friend he follow me had more enjoy than me lah. After this trip I posted up in my blog I have people want to follow me and bring them go makan. mmm.. maybe I should organize a trip "Bangkok Trip Eat-Play-See-Buy With TLC" what do you think?
Our hotel outside look! Maxim Hotel.. I love their wifi speed lah!!

Everyday we in and out here... Girls and Ladyboys everyday calling us.. Darling come!!!

Met  a old thai friend who work same-same with me last time... Now same same go back Brunei! 

This is a MUST when every time before me back home!!! 

This is what I left in my wallet B$2.40. What a perfect trip!!!

Ngam-Ngam mau boarding the sky wake up also!! 

I'm not so sure why not the mirror now I cannot see my eyes and hairs!!! Only can see my mouth! Am I  taller or the seat is getting nearer and nearer??? 

Eh.... Bruther you must be very tired last night in Bangkok ya!!

OH...... this is yummy lah!!! I only tapao this 3 package saja!!! who can help me buy some more at 7-11.