Dinner At Cabbage & Condoms

Have you ever heard about this place Cabbages & Condoms restaurant
I recommended this place to makan when you next time makan angin at Bangkok. I bring my friend to this place makan during our day 1 in Bangkok. Their price of coz is a bit higher than the street side makan restaurant one lah but it almost the the same price as if you eat thaifood in Brunei bruthers.
Their foods a really nice lah, Me no disappointed with it even though we walk so hard from our hotel to here. It took us 10 minutes walking distance to reach here. It located at the Sukhumvit soi 12 just about 600 meter away from the BTS Nana station.
Me no salah introduce one this place.... if you no come sayang lah!!

Cabbages & Condoms restaurant majority serve Thai foods. If you do a hot and spicy kaki don't worry they foods not so padas one unless you as for it lah. Not only the foods nice but the place also awesome lah. So Green, whole place covered by trees and plants. you feel so relax when dinning there. It has 2 choice for you to makan there indoor for outdoor. 
Me and my friend makan indoor coz ada aircon bah!!!

This is the path before you masuk the restaurant. You'll feel like walking in the jungle first.... 

Then you came to their souvenir shop and photo gallery  

Here are the panorama view for the restaurant  makan outside. click image to view larger.

 This is inside lah.

Yes I do "Use Them" but not sure "Ah Woods" lah!!! hehehe

I can't remember what are the foods name we order sudah but is all yummy lah.
I only remember is this one the below photo one... Roasted Mountain Chicken!!! not sure what type of mountain  chicken lah but we both like this very much!!!

 After you ask for the bill... normally people give to candy or Mentos but here give you Condoms!! If you still want some more free condoms got also outide before to leave the restaurant.


What side are yours????