Dezato Yogurt Ice-Cream

Yo to the bubble tea and yogurt ice-cream lover you guys have a new place to try on their yogurt ice-cream and beverages. It just located at the kiulap complex area. Just right in front R&T and same block with the C.F King there! 
Dezato not only serve bubble tea and yogurt but also have coffee too!
One thing I like their special promotion is "No Coins Promotion" on every Wednesday and Sunday. Wednesday is for all the students with their uniform. Sunday is for everyone!!!
$2.80 become $2.00 so when you buy this buy that let say $5.90 it will becaome $5.00 saja... awesome righ!!! I think if i bring my daughter after school wearing kindergarten uniform does it count or not oh...heheheh
Anyway I do try on they yogurt yesterday and is nice. Not so sweet but creamy.... I love their popping ball very nice to chew yo! And the bubble tea also not bad... very rich taste with the milk! 
Check out their Facebook Page click here DezatoRC   with the instagram simple lah #dezatoRC.

Mr. Tia proud to serve you their famous bubble milk tea with his awesome smile.

Nice thumbs up!!!

My Vietnam Coffee for Take Away...

Their prices I can say is reasonable lah!! Not so expensive lah!!

Remember only for Students in uniform on every Wednesday. Sunday is for me and you wearing superman baju also have "No Coins Promotion"