Chicken Fiesta

Bruthers today I went to try out the Airport Restaurant new lobang... The Chicken Fiesta it started from today 1st March until the the end of this month! 
It have 3 delicious flavors namely BBQ Grill Chicken, Honey Chicken and Ayam Perdik only B$8.50 and is served with Ice-Bandung.  Me I like the Honey Baked Chicken lah it got my favorite acar and yellow rice!!! If orang kahwin or open house I see this my water mouth fall like river lah! 
For reservation call 233-1853 or 233-9207

Honey Baked Chicken

Ayam Percik

The only one serve with Butter Rice ~ BBQ Grilled Chicken. 

This is the two main chefs who behind the Chicken Fiesta!!!