Chicken Breast Nipple (Answer)

Still remember my quiz about that why the chicken breast has no nipple? (click here)
I don't think people can answer it lah... ya of coz this is no way you can answer one lah.. Even a school high high people also cannot give me the answers! mostly people give me the answer is Chicken they don't feed breast milk that is why they have no nipple.
I still don't think this answer can fit my quiz lah and also not funny too...
Bah here are the answer I come out why chicken breast has no nipples. You all get ready don't laugh too hard during in the office Ok!
The reason why chicken's breast don't have nipple is because of "The chicken we eat here all are under age... semua only 21 days saja start from they pop out from the egg! All still haven't fully develop yet already kana makan by us... apa macam ada nampak nipple!!!"
Now you get it.... hehehe of coz this is just for fun saja lah! I'm thinking can I register this joke or not oh...
Bah have fun telling this joke to your friends or when every time you makan chicken rice order breast part ask your friends why no nipple one??? hahahaha