Brunei Airport P1 Car Park

Last week me and some medias went to try out the Brunei Airport restaurant on our way back to the car park and pick up out car the time we are passing by the new airport which is under construction and I was curious how it was look like in side there. Then I use my phone and took some photo of it. Then we pass by a corner and saw a sign pointing the way to the new car park which is P1. So apa lagi we all go see see spy spy lah!!
Wow.... is big lah the parking! I think it can hold up to more than 5 hundreds car there lah. Looks like already done and maybe soon can be pakai sudah! 
Is it nearer to the place where the one now people arrive? eh... I don't think so lah, look like the same to me where the one now we park our car!!!
But of coz when the airport has finish it is near lah! mmm me can't wait to see out new airport inside look like now!!! 

You walk walk walk walk follow the red arrow.... 
 Then turn and walk walk walk again!!!

 Then you see the exit macan you found another Utopia and the end of the tunnel. 

Isn't this the place that I used to lepak at the airport carpark 20 years ago??? heheheh