Bonow Father

Paloi bah paloi....I really don't understand why people got that kind of heart to do such of thing!! 
Eh hello... that's your anak lah a baby that you look after for so many year... how come still can do that oh!! No brain one is it... or you are still like other animal like monkey ka F your own generation! 
Do you know why a husband and wife need a "Marriage Certificate" to sustain their relationship? 
Because to prove that they Love and live for life and they cannot sue each other for raping doesn't matter how many time they having sex in a night!!
Then the other people you have sex once they don't want are consider rape bah!!
Why can't they just pick a dog, chicken or duck... or go buy a cow at home also can!! That animal cannot say no... ah do it until your sausage korap also no body care!!!
I really mad to see this kind of news... is worse than you kill somebody!! coz the person who kana rape by the father is not die... they still have a long way to go but the bad memory is forever follow them. This is a mental torture... 10 times worse than I shit my poo in your mouth!!! So imagine every time you poo poo and it make you remember I poo in your mouth. Disgusting right!! 
I imagine that they masuk jail the time and the other prisoners or Taiko ask him... What you do and come in here, I rape my daughter!!!! Wah jialat lah sure got human brain people in there give him eat curry nyaman-nyaman tu!!!

This is only in animal world can do that... not in the human world! which mean that this man is not human but animal! He should be put in the temburong jungle not in the prison! Let him be there back to the mother nature! 
But of coz in the real world we cannot do that.... there still have a human right lah. 17 years plus 12 rotan is a he have. Of coz you and me a normal human would think that is not enough lah right. You'll think should cut his sausage right but of coz this is impossible. After 17 year what is he going to face? His family, his relative, his friends... how old his this man after 17 years. Does his daughter, families, relatives and friends forgive him??? 
17 year and 10 rotan is enough sudah lah coz there is more punishment coming for his rest of his life!!
I wish the little girl can be strong and think positive for the coming future!