Bangkok Trip Day3

Day 3 first thing in the morning go into our stomach is this Brand's®.
The whole day we are going to use walk so early in the morning energy booster is very all we need. 
My friend he started to immune the Bangkok's water and foods looks like is fit to take more hardcore for the Bangkok foods! I told him... you see the Thai people what they eat.. you dare dare go for eat!!
Anything problem just diarrhea saja... not so big deal!!! hahaha
On the way we go four face buddha we stop for 3 place makan-makan and makan!

Bangkok street Fried Chicken!!!! Wow this us yummy lah if got kolomee lagi best lah! 
This fried chicken have come with sticky rice same like the one with Mango rice! Aiyo.. don't play play lah very nice. 

 After the 2nd BTS station we walk and we saw a man selling this. Makan Lagi!!!

Here come for a proper breakfast....  

Saw a Lion cover with Fungus.... Steady jua! 

Local people said best time for pray four face buddha is in the morning!!! 

After the pray we went to the Central World for a cool down. This is the hottest  day of all we in Bangkok!!!
I ordered a fresh juice call Energizer!!! 

Now my Batt is full!!!!   

 My sister told me long time ago must try this, must try this.......

Finally I try and eat it in front at their.... 


To Be Continue.... (best part of the trip)