Bangkok Trip Day 2(eat eat,shop shop)

Ok so this is the one main reason I came to Bangkok for lah. Since from the first time I visit Bangkok me every year also sure got one time to visit this famous four face Buddha in the Bangkok. 
Me suppose last year have to come but due to my job, new born baby and also no maid so I delay to come for pray here.
So this trip I visit them 2 times. 1st time is for Last year and 2nd time if your this year! heheheh During the 2 times visit me from my hotel walk until there which is about 3km to there! 
This temple everyday many people come one from morning until night also got people local, foreigner or tourist also come...  
But too bad on 21 March 2006, a man vandalised the shrine and was killed by bystanders. However, two months after the incident a new Brahma statue was completed and placed in the shrine on 21 May 2006. More info read HERE

Panorama view of the temple 

Lady...Forget you Flip flops?

After the pray them we go Makan makan and makan.... I bring my friend show him here to get the foods I love in Bangkok! Of coz 7-11 is one of my favorite lah and also is the safe place to eat that you not need to takut kana food poison lah!!!
For me all their microwave heated food is all nice... please don't look don't no them. Of coz can't say 100% is yummy but still have 805 is nice. Me my favorite is the dumpling!!! During the last day we sampai tapao few pack back to Brunei!!!  
The sausage also nice... I love to eat it with a cup of instant noodles!!!

I haven't try their rice.... mmm next time I must have try!

We just find a spot and sit makan!!! People walk pass by see us I also don't care!!!

Next station, in front Central World. This is yummy... is callled Sai Krok the Thai Fermented Sausages from the Northeast. Is pork and sticky rice sausage gives it a unique sour taste!!!

Sayang cannot tapao back home!!! Ah.... now I want to eat again!!!

Next.... Pratunam!!! If come here you don't try this man Kolomee you gonna regret Oh!!!
This man is the only one most stylo milo in all Bangkok who making kolomee one! All this way this hair like that, tattoo on both arm and wear sunglass and you don't often see him smile!!!
He cool cool like that cook the mee. I don't know how to say lah....but his kolomee is the best kolomee I ever ate!!!

One bowl is not enough... must eat 2 bowl!!! soup one also good! 

Remember must put some sugar and chili with the kolomee!!! Yummy mummy....

Inside the restaurant view!!!!

Thumbs up for his kolomee!!!!

Ok... Now I know the answer already that keep in my head for so many year!! I know Britney Spear's color!!!

Went to shop my favorite watch... Guess which I to buy?

This is how you you clean the escalator!!!

I like their idea how it project the ice-cream on the window!!!

First night went to C&C makan. Want to know second night where I eat???

To Be Continue.....