Why There Is A TV Up There?

Where do you always buy car fuel??? Sure some where near your house or place you work ka! Me I always buy at Tumasek there cos is near my house lah! So that day I baru notice one thing very strange ba.... why there is an 32 inch lcd tv hang outside the mini mart up there! For who to see kan??? I was very curious why the mini mart boss want to do that.. how come he don't want to put inside his shop and play movie and watch inside??? Then I think here think there the answer I could pop out is maybe the boss just want to use that for show some advertising lah!!!
But slowly slowly I feel that is something not right... how come many times already I went there and I never see the TV got show anything one??? One week, One months.. day by day gone... still never ever see one time got things in the TV. 
So last last me cannot tahan already I open my month and ask the staff there... anyway I knew them long time already lah they see my face from young to old one!!!
So anyway I ask one kawan there lah when I fill up my car fuel. What and Why there is the TV up there? For what?? Who is going to see that tv??
You know what the staff told me??? That Tv are for them to see. If there is an suspicious diesel car came to buy diesel fuel and sell to neighbor country the Tv will alert them with that car number. That Tv are linked to a security team with the CCTV. They are monitor it see who are try to smuggling diesel out to the country!!! Awesome lah this is an good idea! Is true lah how can you expected the staff there remember what car what number are smuggling minyak out kan!! And also impossible print out all the car number and stick up who are the one doing smuggling kan!!!
So this is good idea!! mmmm so next time I see the screen bling bling I know what's going one liao!!! Tangkap them and put them to jail!!!