Tinted Window ~ Global Warming

Don't know what's going on lah, I'm not a Scientist me no school high high.. I just know that recently the weather are turning hot sudah! Afternoon driving my arm and hand feel like kana bite by the sunlight. The UV is kinda high lah brunther! My my arm is one right hand is darker than left arm.
Two days ago me cannot tahan sudah I went to by this tinted my both front window. Is consider cheap lah.. only 6 dollars saja, by now I can fell that my car room temperature is dropping a lot and much cooler too!! Even my car aircon now not need to blasted full speed in the afternoon sudah! 
Too bad tinted car window are not allow to do in town here... kana tangkap saman lah. this is no smuggling drugs or curi barang lah.. for me is not a crime. Kana saman also no choice lah... what to do the weather is getting hot and hot I prefer saman than my health getting bad!!!