Start Working...

This year CNY holiday macam lama habis lah...I feel like start paloi already, my brain no blogging, no typing, no social... like no life!! Cannot tahan lah so today must sit in front my monitor and start do my work now.
If you ask me how's my CNY holiday I only got 2 words to say. Tired and Sick.
Tired is me everyday drive here drive there, visit here visit there. Still has a lot of friends house I cant make it to visit.
Secondly is Sick, Everyone I see sure some of their family member got sick. Even my 2 daughter also sick too. The first daughter cough before 1st day cny, my second daughter start fever after 3 days cny.
Went to clinic also see few of my friends bring their anak too. Can't believe that in clinic also can Gong Xi Fatt Chai there... Lol

The other things I feel up set is that this year the Lion Dance didn't visit my house to perform lah. Every  year first day of CNY before 10.30am sure they came to visit my house but this year didn't turn out.
I heard the reason is because it only have 3 days to go around in town so that's why no enough time to do for every chinese house lah. But I'm fine with it because I have something better than that they come to my house and dance. Because this year I have a new lion head he automatic come to my house and guard my home.
Three years ago I adopted one old Red lion head. This year another brand new lion head comes to me.... yeah look like I'm gonna have a prosperity year ahead from me!!!! Next year you'll see my house got two lion head sit both side of my house!!!!