Small Small Things, Don't Play Play

Right after the doctor said confirmed my baby can balik rumah my body felt like putting down ton of rock. This is the longest and hardest 33 hours I every had. Not only the worry part of my daughter are hard but also the sleeping also hard... you think sleeping at Ripas are easy ka? is harder than you drunk and sleep in the toilet!!! Position of sleep not comfort, Air temperature too cold... this two things are enough to suffering you there! Now I understand why some parents like to send their children to JPMC. Is not because the medical facilities are better is because the parents also can have a proper rest when jaga their anak! 
Me when I was young the time also got few times kana tahan at Ripas sudah. But that few time is I sleep on the bed and rest, now I'm a father is to jaga my anak so is different feeling of staying there! Sick and Jaga people in hospital are totally different feeling... fyi after the long 33 hours in the ward I prefer to be the one who sick and can sleep on the bed! 
When my wife gave birth my two baby girls I didn't stay over night in the hospital... this time is my first time and I hope no more second time! 
Lucky the canteen open until 3am it save my belly for hungry lah... Guys if you next time jaga someone there remember to wear winter dress... if not you regret ah!

Not sure what is going on with my love why her fever sekejap 40 then drop to 38 then up again 39... the whole night I feel like my hearth sitting in the Pusing Lagi going up and down when every time checking her body temperature. Thank god and you people blessing in FB now she Ok sudah, and eat can play like normal now at home. Maybe is kind of viral out there lah... I got few friends anak also having the same shit here... So Bruthers better don't play play with this little small fever or batok... Once your baby or young one not feeling well please don't hesitate and bring them to see doctor or hospital!!!  

When the doctor said "ok she fine can go home now" I feeling I'm PeterPan flying there!
Thank you doctor... Thank you nurses!

Every hours me none stop keep monitor my baby temperature.

I feel like in winter here! 

Hungry???? No problem...3am last call!!! Btw the soft drink shouldn't blocking the Hose Reel. If got fire should just use the soft drink to safe the fire???