Number 40

This is the number that a parents which never like to see! 40 is a sign of bad... Real bad. And it can make you panic,unhappy, suffering. You'll  telling yourself Enough please don't go up anymore!
Yes yesterday I saw this number twice in a day. At 11.30pm I can't wait no more and send my Evalim to RIPAS emergency room. Don't know what is the reason that cause her to have high fever but actually she has been sick start at 4th day of CNY. I did bring her to see doctor but maybe the doctor not handsome enough lah so the sickness didn't reduce. I have no ideal what's going on like that but there is a lot of Children out there also having a same problem like my baby from last years December until today. First is just normal fever saja then makan ubat for few days still didn't reduce but getting worst. But now at 11.30pm her temperature drop at 36.7 sudah.... Hope tomorrow she can discharge and go home lah!!