My Favorite Game

Hehe... Don't tell you you also don't know, this is my favorite game I like to play when I in the public especially in food court, fast foods or any restaurant sit down and share table there. When I'm alone having my meal if come some chinese I like to sit diam diam and just don't make any sound coz if I do that mostly chinese who don't know me they thought that I'm a big fat samak hairy malay sitting alone no friends makan sendiri!!! T.T sound like I'm a tipy boy here but any way this is all I want they think of me! Then the chinese people will starting talking bull shit and gossip other people liao!
Is quite siok pulang when listen what they talk.. and some more you can look at their eyes when they look at me start hesitate I'm a chinese or malay... should ignore this guy and keep going with the conversation??? Hehehe I know that I am evil of playing this.. but is really fun bah!! There is couple of time I heard a lot of nice story of some couple of their love story... affair with others... Otang duit no pay.... macam-macam cerita lah!!
The best is one time at many years ago I went to Mum bakery buy roti when I pay my bill the time this auntie behind me talking about me in chinese to her 2 children say she thought I'm a malay "Look this malay. Nang Bu Ti Nang, Gui Bu Ti Gui" human not like human, ghost not like ghost.
That time I was very marah... but I play smart!!! Right after I pay and take my roti want to jalan I turn back and look at the aunty and say in malay " I look like a ghost or human is none of your business, all you need to do is jaga good good your anak like us... and btw some malay like me we also understand and can speak Chinese too"
Wahahahahah her face tarus like monkey butt rea like a fire malu and feel like want to look for a lobang to hide her head down!!!!
If she say me Malay not like Malay, Chinese not like Chinese. I think that time I was that mad lagi!!!