Last Call.. Last Call!!!!

Wash the first car...

Aiya... me sakit kepala ah!!! still have a lot of things haven't done yet and CNY is coming. Yesterday like orang gila rush here rush there. Morning send car to wash, Go Bank change money for Angpao then went rozfloraculture greenhouse buy some more flowers. Then 2 pm send another car to wash, 4pm pick my bother in law at airport. Tons and tons of things still behind my back haven't finish. My room haven't do spring cleaning lagi... baju raja haven't buy yet... worth come to worth I think this year I wear slipper visit friends house tu!!! Some more my new maid haven't arrive lagi lah... that's is why my busy until no time to update my blog bruthers and also this year my Chinese New Year greeting song also no time to do!! So sorry bruthers! 
 I just knew that Baiduri uniform change already!!!

Wash the second car!!!

rozfloraculture greenhouse with my mom in law and daughter!