Jokes That Not Funny

Babies are very cute all the parents now like to take their baby photos and share in the social media! Me and my wife also have no exception too! But just to let you know that there is few spot or way you cannot take picture with your baby. Even is a fake or joke or you think is funny and just want to share with your friends but still is a taboo to post and share! 
The most sensitive one is you put your baby at out door under the tree or next to the sampah!! This photo will make people think that someone buang anak again!!! Even is a joke but by the time pictures kana share and spread you baby last last will maybe no jadi your anak!!!

 Next.... do not take CSI crime scene photos like that! If you do so sure kana people boom gao~gao in FB. People will swear you no brain, no heart, no otak~otak!!!

 This one you sure die one lah.... people who see you on the street 100% you sure kana tampar by people Q-up. Slap until your face like a pig head that big ah!!!

 Hang or throw high high...
This one no so hardcore lah but still some people don't like to see also.

Riding bike or atv
This one people don't like to see but still many parents like to do also!!! Every weekend sure can see some brave daddy hug their baby and ride atv on the beach or riding scooter in kampong!!! 
Anyone... just have to be careful when you want to take some awesome family picture lah!!!