Give A Hand Not Give A Snap

(Image had taken down as per requested by his family members)

Tell you true true one lah..... Me not really happy to see this photo. Is not because I think the photo look terrible is because of I thinking why the person who take this photo he got time to take out his camera and snap this pictures but not the first place and give this man a hand to help??? Rather take a good angle with the man lying on the ground with his car and number plate and share this masterpiece of artwork to friends and spread like nobody business in the world of WhatsApp!!!!
That is why many people out there they are misuse the social media and do not know or understanding what are Yes, No to posting!!!
In the correct world, society, religion, culture, human reaction the first thing is to see the man is ok or not, is he unconscious, if you don't have paramedic background nothing wrong.. call ambulance ka... ask what is his name, take his family member phone number or house phone number and call them tell his family he is in accident. or go look for this phone call his wife, friends, office etc. 
apa lah standing there using phone taking his photos!!! Isn't it I see your house your anak play fire then I video it all the way see your anak burn down the house???? Nowadays many people would like to see the show than doing the right thing!!!
Don't be like a paparazzi.... people will not thank you one!!! what if one day you also have the same scene like that and me stand beside you and give a peace hand sign taking picture????
Oh... yes that's is hilarious. 
Come on Bruthers..... think about that!!! You and me we are not the National Geography professional photographer going to the 3rd world country taking war photos see how the people die!!!
We are living in a nice and beautiful country here... don't let your curiosity and busy body mind you dirty yourself!!! This is a human life not an uncle standing roadside and pee pee there or an auntie take 5 minutes to do her reverse parking!!!!
I prefer to see you give this man a hand and help him then some people using their camera take the whole scene how you help this man.... not stop your car at road side and rush there see him how to die!!!!
Bruthers.... please please please next time if we see again something like this give them a hand not taking their picture spread it to the world let us see how they suffering!!! 
This is a wrong mind set bruther!!! I prefer see funny pictures and have a laugh not see this kind of picture then just make sound OH.......