Don't Buy Cheap Party Toys

Listen Bruthers and especially father mother who want to host a birthday party for your young one. If you plan to buy some party toys for the kids to play please better beware those cheap quality made from China which selling at 1.99 shop. Recently my sister bring her daughter to one of her friend's anak party and bring back this blowing pipi toy. And my sister found that her anak mouth, teeth and gum all turn yellow lupanya is from this toys. The color from the plastic will fade after it touched by water, saliva. And the color will stay on your skin for whole day... isn't that dangerous for your kids to play with? Don't even know this color got toxic or not. But is true out there has a lot of toys which selling very cheap don't know is it safe for our children to play or not! Like there is one time I pass by the mall at ground fall some booth selling fake snakes and rats. once I touch the rat my hand smell like kerosene and is smell very strong. I just don't understand how and why the shop owner still have to selling all this toxic toys to the young one, Doesn't them care about the kids health and life ka???
I say before they selling toys to public they should have a certificate to proof that the toys are safe to play for baby or kids which is like ToyRUs all the toys must be qualified and safe to play for our children.