Crazy, Like That Also Dare

Once again.... Some people really have a problem with the knowledge of how to use the roundabout here. I just don't understand where do they learn from to use the way. Roundabout is can for you to make another round turn again if you first time can make into your way!!! Don't just cut in like nobody business.
For example like today I came from Gadong and want to go Beribi. This driver can masuk to the line she want then she just over take me can cut it just like that!! Lucky I'm a F1 driver (Fantastic 1 Driver) aware all the time and no hit her ass!!! If not banar banar bad luck I had this month.

Some more some people I also don't understand why they have to drive so fast in the roundabout there! What are they rush about I also don't know. It should be put up a speed limit sign for them. But anyway this one also no use one lah.... Just don't know when everyone can be like me a F1 driver here!
Yalah.... because of some idiot driver now this roundabout soon going to use Traffic Lights oh!!!!
I don't know in future this traffic light is going to solve no more accident or create more traffic jam!!!