Come Fatt Come Fatt 來發來發!!!

 Come come come... is started already one year one time CNY deco at the NBT showroom there!! Got come got Fatt, No come no Fatt. CNY everyone want to Fatt Fatt Fatt !!!!
Tonight I bring my anak come here and take photos but macam like not so much people yet, looks like haven't started Fatt lagi! maybe need to wait for few more days lagi lah then baru start Fatt!!!
But baru started open few days saja just now I already saw many place kana rosak sudah. But that all is Ok lah not going to hurt you one... The only things is dangerous is those spotlight lah. The broken spotlight are sharp enough to cut you legs and the wire cable might shock you too!!! So just pay a little caution when you enjoy the fun there lah! I hope they can have some technician standby there lah! see what rosak tarus can fix it.
Sometime children their eyes are look at the deco so they might get hurt by the broken spotlight or lightbulb. So parents please be careful to taking care your children while visit there!