Brunei Is Not A Dumping Area

Please ban for the Second Hand Tyre import to Brunei!!! Our country is not a place for keeping their rubbish here!!
Look I'm not kidding, every week more than a thousand of used tyre import to our land and we people here now have to keep their rubbish. THEY (countries who export 2nd hand tyre)  not need to worry how to disposable their tyre. I really don't understand what so good to use a second tyre!!
Is old, unsafe, less grip.... the only things is Cheap!!!
Look I understand is cheap Ok but because of cheap now the consumption of pakai tyre turn more sudah! A new tyre if you use nicely can use up to 25-30 thousand km or 1 1/2 years but a second hand tyre only last for 6-7k so in a year you'll use up to 4 to 5 pieces just to equivalence to a new tyre and the money you save also not so much different you buy a new tyre in first day! 
Not only that the second hand tyre saja... The import second hand car spare parts and used car also the same. those are the people outside they don't want already and dump into your house!!! 
Why... why have to be so stupid that using people rubbish here!!!
If mau let them import can... charge another fees for Disposable Tax.