Best Story Of The Day

Someone ask me "Wah so huge.. how to catch oh?" My answer is " Watch Discovery Channel lah!" 
Of coz I'm just kidding one lah.. Even I watch 100 times already I still don't dare to catch. Basket... so big don't know I catch her or she eat me!!! I'm not sure how big is this croc lah but by looking the hanging one more or less also got 15 to 18 feet there. Some people said is kg limau manis... some say is Tutong... but doesn't matter where lah just imagine that behind your house got such a huge croc there was it mean that out river ecosystem is 2 thumbs up??? 
Think in another way as like you live at Amazon river and got piranha fishes there!!
Lucky we here are civilize sudah.. if not the kampong tonight party makan BBQ buaya lo!!!