Best Story Of The Day

Someone ask me "Wah so huge.. how to catch oh?" My answer is " Watch Discovery Channel lah!" 
Of coz I'm just kidding one lah.. Even I watch 100 times already I still don't dare to catch. Basket... so big don't know I catch her or she eat me!!! I'm not sure how big is this croc lah but by looking the hanging one more or less also got 15 to 18 feet there. Some people said is kg limau manis... some say is Tutong... but doesn't matter where lah just imagine that behind your house got such a huge croc there was it mean that out river ecosystem is 2 thumbs up??? 
Think in another way as like you live at Amazon river and got piranha fishes there!!
Lucky we here are civilize sudah.. if not the kampong tonight party makan BBQ buaya lo!!!

Makan Singapore At Dynasty

Jialat lah last night me eat too much at night cannot sleep ah!!!
No choose lah the foods was awesome! I love the duck rice and laska!! This Singapore food Festival started from yesterday until the 12th March 2013.
Lunch time is B$19.90(A) B$10.00(C). Dinner B$29.90(A) B$15.00(C)
Makan Singapore you and me sure want to eat puas puas kali is the Chili Crab kan!!! Yes there also have, not just that saja and macam-macam Singapore foods!

Why There Is A TV Up There?

Where do you always buy car fuel??? Sure some where near your house or place you work ka! Me I always buy at Tumasek there cos is near my house lah! So that day I baru notice one thing very strange ba.... why there is an 32 inch lcd tv hang outside the mini mart up there! For who to see kan??? I was very curious why the mini mart boss want to do that.. how come he don't want to put inside his shop and play movie and watch inside??? Then I think here think there the answer I could pop out is maybe the boss just want to use that for show some advertising lah!!!
But slowly slowly I feel that is something not right... how come many times already I went there and I never see the TV got show anything one??? One week, One months.. day by day gone... still never ever see one time got things in the TV. 
So last last me cannot tahan already I open my month and ask the staff there... anyway I knew them long time already lah they see my face from young to old one!!!
So anyway I ask one kawan there lah when I fill up my car fuel. What and Why there is the TV up there? For what?? Who is going to see that tv??
You know what the staff told me??? That Tv are for them to see. If there is an suspicious diesel car came to buy diesel fuel and sell to neighbor country the Tv will alert them with that car number. That Tv are linked to a security team with the CCTV. They are monitor it see who are try to smuggling diesel out to the country!!! Awesome lah this is an good idea! Is true lah how can you expected the staff there remember what car what number are smuggling minyak out kan!! And also impossible print out all the car number and stick up who are the one doing smuggling kan!!!
So this is good idea!! mmmm so next time I see the screen bling bling I know what's going one liao!!! Tangkap them and put them to jail!!! 

Give A Hand Not Give A Snap

(Image had taken down as per requested by his family members)

Tell you true true one lah..... Me not really happy to see this photo. Is not because I think the photo look terrible is because of I thinking why the person who take this photo he got time to take out his camera and snap this pictures but not the first place and give this man a hand to help??? Rather take a good angle with the man lying on the ground with his car and number plate and share this masterpiece of artwork to friends and spread like nobody business in the world of WhatsApp!!!!
That is why many people out there they are misuse the social media and do not know or understanding what are Yes, No to posting!!!
In the correct world, society, religion, culture, human reaction the first thing is to see the man is ok or not, is he unconscious, if you don't have paramedic background nothing wrong.. call ambulance ka... ask what is his name, take his family member phone number or house phone number and call them tell his family he is in accident. or go look for this phone call his wife, friends, office etc. 
apa lah standing there using phone taking his photos!!! Isn't it I see your house your anak play fire then I video it all the way see your anak burn down the house???? Nowadays many people would like to see the show than doing the right thing!!!
Don't be like a paparazzi.... people will not thank you one!!! what if one day you also have the same scene like that and me stand beside you and give a peace hand sign taking picture????
Oh... yes that's is hilarious. 
Come on Bruthers..... think about that!!! You and me we are not the National Geography professional photographer going to the 3rd world country taking war photos see how the people die!!!
We are living in a nice and beautiful country here... don't let your curiosity and busy body mind you dirty yourself!!! This is a human life not an uncle standing roadside and pee pee there or an auntie take 5 minutes to do her reverse parking!!!!
I prefer to see you give this man a hand and help him then some people using their camera take the whole scene how you help this man.... not stop your car at road side and rush there see him how to die!!!!
Bruthers.... please please please next time if we see again something like this give them a hand not taking their picture spread it to the world let us see how they suffering!!! 
This is a wrong mind set bruther!!! I prefer see funny pictures and have a laugh not see this kind of picture then just make sound OH.......

One More Month Lagi Earth Hour

Are you ready for the next big world event this year?? Is coming soon less than a month lagi!!!
Check out this year the Earth Hour official video. In the video our country is the first country appear switch off the lights!!! Awesome lah bruthers... I see liao also touching ah!!!
So lets join again this years Earth Hour 2013: Saturday March 23 8:30pm.
This year Earth Hour introducing "I Will If You Will".
I will drive my car without switch on aircon for one week if 1000 Bruthers click "like" for my FB page which reach 10k people likes!
like here

Jokes That Not Funny

Babies are very cute all the parents now like to take their baby photos and share in the social media! Me and my wife also have no exception too! But just to let you know that there is few spot or way you cannot take picture with your baby. Even is a fake or joke or you think is funny and just want to share with your friends but still is a taboo to post and share! 
The most sensitive one is you put your baby at out door under the tree or next to the sampah!! This photo will make people think that someone buang anak again!!! Even is a joke but by the time pictures kana share and spread you baby last last will maybe no jadi your anak!!!

 Next.... do not take CSI crime scene photos like that! If you do so sure kana people boom gao~gao in FB. People will swear you no brain, no heart, no otak~otak!!!

 This one you sure die one lah.... people who see you on the street 100% you sure kana tampar by people Q-up. Slap until your face like a pig head that big ah!!!

 Hang or throw high high...
This one no so hardcore lah but still some people don't like to see also.

Riding bike or atv
This one people don't like to see but still many parents like to do also!!! Every weekend sure can see some brave daddy hug their baby and ride atv on the beach or riding scooter in kampong!!! 
Anyone... just have to be careful when you want to take some awesome family picture lah!!!

Finished CNY 2013

See.... just like that 15 days CNY habis sudah!!! The last day of CNY hockian people call it "Chap Goh May" it mean 15th nights. So this night also same like the day before 1st day CNY everyone makan together. The only thing different is after CGM there is no more angpao given sudah!! hehehe
Last night I can feel that CNY is no more my things.... now is pass over to the young new generation. Here are our Lim Family new generation.
Last time in out house is all boy only one girl, now is all girl only one boy!!

Happy 29 National Day

Concepts Computer Launch New Epson Printers

New Epson printers has just launched at Concepts Computer in morning. Epson L550, Epson AcuLaser C1700 and Epson AcuLaser CX17N are strongly recommended for SME or home office use. Reasonable price, reliable, multi function and most important thing is the ink can save you money Kopi gao-gao.

 The Epson L550
The Epson L550, World’s 1st Original Ink Tank System All-In-One Printer with Fax, will be selling at an introductory selling price of $418 and it comes with 6 bottles of 70ml Original Inks – 3 bottles of black, and one bottle each for  cyan, magenta and yellow. The low cost of consumables ensures low cost high volume printing, at $10 per bottle and with an expected print yield of 4,000 pages. And with such a high expected print yield of 4,000 pages with an ISO speed of 9.0ppm, the Epson L550 continuous ink tank all-in-one printer with fax is a heavy duty printer which needs to be used regularly to ensure economical usage.

Zul Abdul Rahman – Marketing Executive of Concepts Computer said
“PRINTERS THAT OFFER BIG SAVINGS is the key point that we are trying to share, and we hope the local SMEs understands what Concepts Computer and Epson have to offer,”

Epson AcuLaser CX17N 
Next on offer from Epson is the Epson AcuLaser CX17N, a robust all-in-one colour laser printer perfect for medium and large enterprises with it's many functions and great printing performance at 15 pages per minute for black and 12 pages per minute for colour print-outs. The Epson AcuLaser CX17N will be available for $668.00 only, with replacement toners expected to cost $98 per cartridge per color, that is black, cyan, magenta and yellow. At such a low initial purchase and consumables cost, the Epson AcuLaser CX17N is one of the most affordable All-In-One Laser printer in terms of upkeep.

Epson AcuLaser C1700
The Epson AcuLaser C1700, an affordable colour laser printer perfect for home users or small offices, especially with it's small size and great printing performance at 12 pages per minute for black and 10 pages per minute for colour print-outs. It's perfect for home or small offices because it has one of the smallest desk footprint size for a colour laser printer which means it can comfortably fit into any small office environment. The Epson AcuLaser C1700 will be available for $338.00 only, with replacement toners expected to cost $98 per cartridge per color, that is black, cyan, magenta and yellow.

Vincent Pao, General Manager of Concepts Computer, speaking to the media, commented that, “Epson is not only catering to the needs of everyday users but also to the needs of small, medium and large enterprises. This will ensure that Epson will have a high market range when it comes to choices so that customers can perfectly purchase a printer exactly to their needs.”

My Favorite Game

Hehe... Don't tell you you also don't know, this is my favorite game I like to play when I in the public especially in food court, fast foods or any restaurant sit down and share table there. When I'm alone having my meal if come some chinese I like to sit diam diam and just don't make any sound coz if I do that mostly chinese who don't know me they thought that I'm a big fat samak hairy malay sitting alone no friends makan sendiri!!! T.T sound like I'm a tipy boy here but any way this is all I want they think of me! Then the chinese people will starting talking bull shit and gossip other people liao!
Is quite siok pulang when listen what they talk.. and some more you can look at their eyes when they look at me start hesitate I'm a chinese or malay... should ignore this guy and keep going with the conversation??? Hehehe I know that I am evil of playing this.. but is really fun bah!! There is couple of time I heard a lot of nice story of some couple of their love story... affair with others... Otang duit no pay.... macam-macam cerita lah!!
The best is one time at many years ago I went to Mum bakery buy roti when I pay my bill the time this auntie behind me talking about me in chinese to her 2 children say she thought I'm a malay "Look this malay. Nang Bu Ti Nang, Gui Bu Ti Gui" human not like human, ghost not like ghost.
That time I was very marah... but I play smart!!! Right after I pay and take my roti want to jalan I turn back and look at the aunty and say in malay " I look like a ghost or human is none of your business, all you need to do is jaga good good your anak like us... and btw some malay like me we also understand and can speak Chinese too"
Wahahahahah her face tarus like monkey butt rea like a fire malu and feel like want to look for a lobang to hide her head down!!!!
If she say me Malay not like Malay, Chinese not like Chinese. I think that time I was that mad lagi!!!

Crazy, Like That Also Dare

Once again.... Some people really have a problem with the knowledge of how to use the roundabout here. I just don't understand where do they learn from to use the way. Roundabout is can for you to make another round turn again if you first time can make into your way!!! Don't just cut in like nobody business.
For example like today I came from Gadong and want to go Beribi. This driver can masuk to the line she want then she just over take me can cut it just like that!! Lucky I'm a F1 driver (Fantastic 1 Driver) aware all the time and no hit her ass!!! If not banar banar bad luck I had this month.

Some more some people I also don't understand why they have to drive so fast in the roundabout there! What are they rush about I also don't know. It should be put up a speed limit sign for them. But anyway this one also no use one lah.... Just don't know when everyone can be like me a F1 driver here!
Yalah.... because of some idiot driver now this roundabout soon going to use Traffic Lights oh!!!!
I don't know in future this traffic light is going to solve no more accident or create more traffic jam!!!

Does He Need To Retest How To Drive?

Ya that's why you don't harap the traffic light some time you also have to be 2X caution. Look this is why some people out there still don't know red is stop or go!!! He knew is not his turn to go yet but still don't care people live and do this way. Luckily there is no motobike from behind run fast fast..if not also go die fast fast lo!!!! Today we still have a lot this kind of selfish driver so we all have to be more careful on the road! 

Small Small Things, Don't Play Play

Right after the doctor said confirmed my baby can balik rumah my body felt like putting down ton of rock. This is the longest and hardest 33 hours I every had. Not only the worry part of my daughter are hard but also the sleeping also hard... you think sleeping at Ripas are easy ka? is harder than you drunk and sleep in the toilet!!! Position of sleep not comfort, Air temperature too cold... this two things are enough to suffering you there! Now I understand why some parents like to send their children to JPMC. Is not because the medical facilities are better is because the parents also can have a proper rest when jaga their anak! 
Me when I was young the time also got few times kana tahan at Ripas sudah. But that few time is I sleep on the bed and rest, now I'm a father is to jaga my anak so is different feeling of staying there! Sick and Jaga people in hospital are totally different feeling... fyi after the long 33 hours in the ward I prefer to be the one who sick and can sleep on the bed! 
When my wife gave birth my two baby girls I didn't stay over night in the hospital... this time is my first time and I hope no more second time! 
Lucky the canteen open until 3am it save my belly for hungry lah... Guys if you next time jaga someone there remember to wear winter dress... if not you regret ah!

Not sure what is going on with my love why her fever sekejap 40 then drop to 38 then up again 39... the whole night I feel like my hearth sitting in the Pusing Lagi going up and down when every time checking her body temperature. Thank god and you people blessing in FB now she Ok sudah, and eat can play like normal now at home. Maybe is kind of viral out there lah... I got few friends anak also having the same shit here... So Bruthers better don't play play with this little small fever or batok... Once your baby or young one not feeling well please don't hesitate and bring them to see doctor or hospital!!!  

When the doctor said "ok she fine can go home now" I feeling I'm PeterPan flying there!
Thank you doctor... Thank you nurses!

Every hours me none stop keep monitor my baby temperature.

I feel like in winter here! 

Hungry???? No problem...3am last call!!! Btw the soft drink shouldn't blocking the Hose Reel. If got fire should just use the soft drink to safe the fire???

Number 40

This is the number that a parents which never like to see! 40 is a sign of bad... Real bad. And it can make you panic,unhappy, suffering. You'll  telling yourself Enough please don't go up anymore!
Yes yesterday I saw this number twice in a day. At 11.30pm I can't wait no more and send my Evalim to RIPAS emergency room. Don't know what is the reason that cause her to have high fever but actually she has been sick start at 4th day of CNY. I did bring her to see doctor but maybe the doctor not handsome enough lah so the sickness didn't reduce. I have no ideal what's going on like that but there is a lot of Children out there also having a same problem like my baby from last years December until today. First is just normal fever saja then makan ubat for few days still didn't reduce but getting worst. But now at 11.30pm her temperature drop at 36.7 sudah.... Hope tomorrow she can discharge and go home lah!!

Tinted Window ~ Global Warming

Don't know what's going on lah, I'm not a Scientist me no school high high.. I just know that recently the weather are turning hot sudah! Afternoon driving my arm and hand feel like kana bite by the sunlight. The UV is kinda high lah brunther! My my arm is one right hand is darker than left arm.
Two days ago me cannot tahan sudah I went to by this tinted my both front window. Is consider cheap lah.. only 6 dollars saja, by now I can fell that my car room temperature is dropping a lot and much cooler too!! Even my car aircon now not need to blasted full speed in the afternoon sudah! 
Too bad tinted car window are not allow to do in town here... kana tangkap saman lah. this is no smuggling drugs or curi barang lah.. for me is not a crime. Kana saman also no choice lah... what to do the weather is getting hot and hot I prefer saman than my health getting bad!!!  

Start Working...

This year CNY holiday macam lama habis lah...I feel like start paloi already, my brain no blogging, no typing, no social... like no life!! Cannot tahan lah so today must sit in front my monitor and start do my work now.
If you ask me how's my CNY holiday I only got 2 words to say. Tired and Sick.
Tired is me everyday drive here drive there, visit here visit there. Still has a lot of friends house I cant make it to visit.
Secondly is Sick, Everyone I see sure some of their family member got sick. Even my 2 daughter also sick too. The first daughter cough before 1st day cny, my second daughter start fever after 3 days cny.
Went to clinic also see few of my friends bring their anak too. Can't believe that in clinic also can Gong Xi Fatt Chai there... Lol

The other things I feel up set is that this year the Lion Dance didn't visit my house to perform lah. Every  year first day of CNY before 10.30am sure they came to visit my house but this year didn't turn out.
I heard the reason is because it only have 3 days to go around in town so that's why no enough time to do for every chinese house lah. But I'm fine with it because I have something better than that they come to my house and dance. Because this year I have a new lion head he automatic come to my house and guard my home.
Three years ago I adopted one old Red lion head. This year another brand new lion head comes to me.... yeah look like I'm gonna have a prosperity year ahead from me!!!! Next year you'll see my house got two lion head sit both side of my house!!!!

Don't Buy Cheap Party Toys

Listen Bruthers and especially father mother who want to host a birthday party for your young one. If you plan to buy some party toys for the kids to play please better beware those cheap quality made from China which selling at 1.99 shop. Recently my sister bring her daughter to one of her friend's anak party and bring back this blowing pipi toy. And my sister found that her anak mouth, teeth and gum all turn yellow lupanya is from this toys. The color from the plastic will fade after it touched by water, saliva. And the color will stay on your skin for whole day... isn't that dangerous for your kids to play with? Don't even know this color got toxic or not. But is true out there has a lot of toys which selling very cheap don't know is it safe for our children to play or not! Like there is one time I pass by the mall at ground fall some booth selling fake snakes and rats. once I touch the rat my hand smell like kerosene and is smell very strong. I just don't understand how and why the shop owner still have to selling all this toxic toys to the young one, Doesn't them care about the kids health and life ka???
I say before they selling toys to public they should have a certificate to proof that the toys are safe to play for baby or kids which is like ToyRUs all the toys must be qualified and safe to play for our children. 

Concepts Computer Open House

Brunei 2013 Chinese New Year Song!!!

Last Call.. Last Call!!!!

Wash the first car...

Aiya... me sakit kepala ah!!! still have a lot of things haven't done yet and CNY is coming. Yesterday like orang gila rush here rush there. Morning send car to wash, Go Bank change money for Angpao then went rozfloraculture greenhouse buy some more flowers. Then 2 pm send another car to wash, 4pm pick my bother in law at airport. Tons and tons of things still behind my back haven't finish. My room haven't do spring cleaning lagi... baju raja haven't buy yet... worth come to worth I think this year I wear slipper visit friends house tu!!! Some more my new maid haven't arrive lagi lah... that's is why my busy until no time to update my blog bruthers and also this year my Chinese New Year greeting song also no time to do!! So sorry bruthers! 
 I just knew that Baiduri uniform change already!!!

Wash the second car!!!

rozfloraculture greenhouse with my mom in law and daughter!