Worst Freeway Cleaner

Whoever under the bridge just now wait for the bus there if you wondering why suddenly there is a wind with full of sand flying and kana your face... yeah this is how it happen lah. Lupanya this is how the clean up worker at the highway there they kumpul-kumpul the sampah from the side of the highway and mask in the bag but didn't buang to a proper place/way. This is how they do and it want caught by my car DVR. Watch the video below. They just buang back to some where that you won't see and the place you won't go!!!!
I came down form the Kiarong Highway to gadong there and I saw a worker I believe is a contractor to clean up the road one. A Kawan throw a bag of sand, soil etc from above the highway to the ground just like no body business. Wtf is that... it just like move his shit thing to left to right and that is how they do their job. They money is more easy than you and me!!! Please the authority take action about that company!!!