When Toilet Good Reputation Also Good

Yes is true... Not only me saja I believe you also feel in the same way too and I don't think now a civilize people who like to stay in a dirty and stinky toilet for more than one minute there. 
Not unless your poo poo and wee wee really standby at your gate already if not I'm sure you prefer hold it and bring back them home to Buang!!!
Do you know that now your shop or restaurant 's toilet also representing your reputation too? If is dirty and sting no one like to go one... and you name also not good. 
Like me yesterday I went to a shopping mall at town makan at the food court. I been hold for my wee wee for quite sometime sudah and cannot tahan so I went to the food court toilet... OMG haven't masuk already can smell the ammonia. Skali I see the 2 wee wee bowl cover by posters which is Out of Order,   so use the toilet bowl lah... more worst again, no door nob and lock for both!!! nasib I just want to wee wee not poo poo, if i want to poo poo sure someone see my Ting Ting!!! LOL.....
Eh hello... this is a shopping mall and some how many local travel agents bring the tourism came here to shopping... this people also need to go toilet too if let them see our shopping mall toilet like that you think they not tell the story after they balik ka!!! Malu jua...
Como on.. please fix it lah Bruther!!! For men we never mind we just stand up no problem one... but for lady how to stand up and wee wee right! Unless she had learn the Kong Fu from China Shaoling there lah... 360 degree upside-down wee wee also no problem there! I'm quite upset to see toilet are so dirty like that!