Uncle Auntie... This Is Not Real

Listen... Listen.. Listen... Listen... Listen... Listen... Listen... Listen...
We must respect the old one... if not we don't have chicken and beef makan!!! LOL.. (for those people know what I talking about that mean you are pass for social media stuff here)
Ok btw is true this time you must listen to me... Again today one of my middle age follower share his photo to me and want told me something unusual things happen to him. His phone camera shot a something looks like a Naked Alien in his Koropok photo there...  Uncle and Auntie if next time you see you photos got a little small Alien appear at the bottom of the corner there don't panic. I understand that you don't know or use the apps or download... Is Ok this is one of the apps you can download it at the #Camera360 there. So maybe is your anak or grandchildren accidentally press download or they just want to kacau you there... So ok if next time you see like this again don't tell people sudah just delete it lah. 
If not you share it to the Chinese newspaper they going to put it in the front page again like last year!!!
I was shock when I read that news in their paper... why they didn't go check and just posted up in the. I think if I'm a apps developer I'll change the Alien to the Chinese's God of Fortune!!! Wah chinese new year almost come if see the picture got that god of fortune I think they'll happy for the rest of the year can frame up the photo hang up up high high in the living room... Isn't that better!! hehehe
If I'm not salah I think this is my 3rd time someone send this to me... so after today not need worries again ok Uncle Auntie!!!  As I say buy iPhone better lah. hahaha