Toilet Bowl Assistant Manager

 How do I say this.... She look like a mix breed by a father "Toilet Bowl" and a mother "Washing Sink"   surprisingly there is still many people don't know what is this thing for and yet some people use this for washing their legs! I knew this thing long time ago and few of my friends in town here their house also got this, normally only for those orang kaya people house for put this in their toilet lah. Now even in town the only hotel has this is Empire Hotel and Country Club. I been in Singapore, Thailand or KL also didn't see their hotel to come with this lah. So as you can see this thing are not often use by everyone. Until know I still don't know what is this call right until last night I ask people in fb I baru tau this is call BIDET.
Bidet is to wash you ass after you do your shit thing on the toilet bowl. If you want to wash your Ting Ting or Nong Nong also can but not your face lah. I don't find this thing are convenient lah seriously I still prefer pakai hose tape water  but the room here you don't find one so no choice when every time I check in here I have to use bidet to wash my butt.  The reason I say is not convenient is because I sit on the toilet bowl finish poo poo I have to stand up again and move to bidet and wash. Every time I did that I so worry my "Leftover Shit" will drop on the floor. Do you see the what I mean????
Ya it sound like disgusting when I telling you this story but do you know that what are more disgusting? Some tourism even poo in there especially from the china tour those uncle auntie never see this thing and they thought is same like toilet bowl so they poo poo in there. After they notice their poo poo cannot flush away then they complain this thing Sumbat sudah!!!
I'm not kidding here this is real story from my ex-collage who is in house keeping there!!!
But how do they clean up? this one I don't know lah!!! Now is better liao lah coz maybe the tour guide have briefing them that is not a toilet bowl, is for washing only!!!