First Day School!!!! First Day School!!!

Today 2nd January 2013 is my eldest daughter EveLim first day school. Not only her life have change but also me!!! This morning when I taking my shower I just realize that start from today onward I have to wake up early and send her to school doesn't matter how tired or drunk last night!!!! Yeah my nightmare continue until daymare... Me every night sleep at 2 or 3am I think start from today I have to change my routine sudah. Not only have to facing wake up early in the morning but also the morning traffic jam. I think I should sing often my Jam Jam Jam song liao!!! 
Is not all bad pulang... actually I kinda happy also to see her wearing her first school uniform and she look gorgeous. 
In the Kindergarten you know biasa lah... sure got spoil bread crying out loud in the class. Yeah because of that I can see that my daughter also macam kan crying too. Btw I also just to let her stay there for awhile saja coz she kinda like going to sick also, the whole morning she keep on sniffing. We stay there about an hour and after that go see T.K Channg at Kiarong!
Hopefully tomorrow she can back to school lagi and enjoy in with her new friends lah!!
This is my daughter's classroom and her classmate!!!
mmm I see some familiar face. 

One of my photo share in instagram and got many likes. my daughter new classmates... This three want to go out and go back with their parents but the door was locked the 2 boys are twins and one are crying until lying on the floor like the world has no hope anymore!!! hehehe

I have a feeling tomorrow is my daughter turn... hehe

My daughter's new classmate..

One of my old friend's son also same class together with EveLim.. Shall we do the MatchMaker ha.. Kelly?