The Wish That You And Me Which Never Come

Look I don't understand why I can't have a simple customer right here... I'm not talking about the "Customer Always Right" issue. I'm talking about the customer benefit. I was told on the day their internet is good.. fast... awesome. watch youtube is fast enough during their road show at the mall. But now... not need I say you also know is lauya lah.. not that kind of lauya's Lauya.. Is very jialat type lauya!!! Don't play play
So the internet service already that lauya can we get at least 20 to 30% discount? No right... coz is not in the T&C right!!!
Look I go buy a bulb at mini mart or department store if the bulb I salah bought or I want to change to other color they also allow me to change. Why... why I have to get all this unfair internet services and still have to pay what I don't get!!! I really feel like kinda been cheap, scam, coneheaded!!!

I don't know what cause our internet speed going that slow right now. Even just a google home page also have to wait for 30 second to open. If you told me on day time slow is because of everyone is on the net that's is why slow. But now night time even mid-night also slow. Sometime even 3am everyone sleep already still the same jialat slow.
 If you ask me back why the line so slow one.... The only reason I can figure out is because of the "KING of Pirate CD" at Gadong has closed down.
Why I say like that... Look I'm not simply talk talk one... I got monitor it Ok. Since from last year our line started turn very bad and it was happen after the "King of Pirate CD" shop closed. Now everyone no place to buy latest movie and TV Series and now it turn everyone in town become small pirate and go the torrent download movie and Tv show. Ask yourself.. did you download Movie, Tv show, WWE, Porn.... etc recently??
I'm not kidding... even me I'm before not really like to download things from torrent but started from last year when I want to watch something I'll ask my wife to help me coz she more expert than me. I ever see in the record in a night there are more than 15 queue to download. Wow.. My wife is a pirate queen at home....
Just imagine that in a day more than 1000 people same like my wife doing the same thing that download Ugly Betty, Glee, Big Bang Theory, Two And A Half Man, WWE and movie+porn.... I know many people out there downloading stuffs like that when they go for work school or when go to bed! Am I right..
So how to have fast internet like that kan!!
So now how??? Are we still have to suffering slow speed in 2013? Or change to use the Fiber Optic, 4G? Or let the "King of Pirate CD" back to his ship.....hahahahaha
Honestly I already immune sudah lah. slow.. just let them slow lah. Yang penting is they don't tell me they want to increase the fees is enough sudah lah!!!