Spare Part Shop Fire!!!

Best news of the day!!!
Gadong Manglait a auto spare part shop early in the morning on fire. Want to know more info about how it burn I think have to wait for tomorrow paper lah. All I know this happen early in the morning lah. No wonder I sleep the time macam can smell like burning rubber lah. At first I thought which stupid idiot neighbor early in the morning open fire there and some more burn plastic or rubber!!!
Sekali one of my reader text me say Godong Fire!!! Then I know it not my neighbor fault!!!
When I see the picture then I realize is one of the famous spare part shop on fire. And I heard it is started early in the morning 6am like that!!!
Jialat lah.. The parts I think more or less pun got more than a millions dollars worth now all gone sudah! If no buy insurance more jialat lah but no worries lah sure got buy one!

Lucky it just only car parts stock in there! If is those chemical flammable liquid wah... that one more jialat lah coz the Shell is just next door... kalau kana, mmmm I don't know how sudah lah!!

Becuase of this fire it cause the gadong area major traffic jam!!! not only it cause the jam but also the other shops and restaurants around that area also losing money because no one can enter that area. Even  I went to center point there also not see many car!! Some how today Friday some more looks like better everyone there close their shop in morning and come back open after 2pm lah.. 
Thanks to Christopher Ng Kok Keong sharing this picture to me!