Hehehe.... Last night I posted a comment in my FB page regarding how to be a social kaki. The conclusion is just "Oh" saja lah and this "Oh" is can have many meaning and expression. It can be like Layan saja or Understood, it also be Surprise or Sad. So macam-macam ada lah the meaning.
I'm kinda like this "OH" and I use it a lot in the FB. There is one time in a day I "OH" people's status more than 800 times... Doesn't matter what status they put the "OH" also can masuk the tropic. 
I hate my job - I commented "OH"
Thanks baby I love your gift - I commented "OH" 
Samsung is better than iPhone5 - I "OH" saja.....
As you can see how powerful is that with the "OH"so last night after my status in my FB page and my Bruthers reply me back with their "OH" I decided to make my second tee shirt. MY 1st T-Shirt was born 2 years ago and it had a good feedback lah. The first one is white so this time I want it black.
Front is a big Oh and the back no more my url.... is a hashtags which look like a 林 (lim) which is my family name and follow by Tigerlim. So what so you think? Ok bah right??? I'm sure you going to say "OH" me back!!!
Now I have to see where can give me a good price and good quality! I'll do it after CNY lah... now me kinda busy, my room pun belum spring cleaning lagi... just wait and see lah!