No Worries Is Under Control

Yesterday right after I heard there is some oil spill at the tungku beach me and some our beach bunch tarus rush to the beach and have a look. Me went to Empire Hotel and see, some go Jerudong like that! 
Right after I reach empire hotel the marine center I saw the Jabatan Laut and some Shell people already there see see look look. 
Then when I approached to them and asked how is the beach's situation but they seen to be like retention silence... I understand lah because they are not pangkat high high and also don't dare to simply say anything mana tau nanti salah cakap right!!  So I can't have more info about it lah then I go around the beach myself and take a look. After an hour me from the Marine Center beach to East side of the beach I don't see and oil on the beach or rock, only rubbishs even a Water Heater also can see on the East side of the beach!!! OMG... 
After I go check the beach and no found a drop of oil then we went to Tungku Beach there and meet big boss there!!
Then the Mr.Ken Marnoch (Shell MD) explaining the location of the oil spill and where it is expecting to land. Lupanya it just a oil sheen about few kilometer long and wide. Lucky is not the pure raw oil bruther otherwise jialat lah!!! 

Found somethings but believe is not oil lah... Empire's beaches Safe!!!
The Marine Center Beach Empire Hotel.

The Angmo go swimming that's mean is safe!!

Shell people go around see got oil spill or not!!

Clean and no littering at this area!!!

I wonder who it come here!!!

Mr.Ken Marnoch explaining to us the location of the oil spill and where it is expecting to land at the afternoon.