Night Car Wash Shop

Ya loh.... Why no one think of that oh!!! Is true not everyone day time got time to send the dirty car to wash, some people only free when is after finish work but by the time already all the car wash shop pun already tutup kedai sudah! If lunch time sent to wash also cannot because the car wash man also makan lunch too so can't do your business. So how??? ya loh only the sunday they can wash their car at home. Nut what if there is a CarWash center that can do Night time isn't that awesome! So people also can send their car to wash in night. So far I don't see here got Car Wash Center which is open until night time... If got one I'm sure good business also tu!!!  Some how night time wash car not hot again the workers also not susah susah kerja also!! mmmm I think I should open one of this shop here in town,
What should I call my shop??? mmm Kedai Cuci Malam?? Or "Night Rider Car Wash Center" hehehe later all my customer sumau burung hantu there..