New Places To Hang Out And Play

Now for the Macoroon and Futsal lover you have new places to go now in town. First is the Madbites you can sit down and slowly enjoy your favorite Macoroon and cup of coffee/tea. I just located at inside the Kiarong Peugeot showroom there. That place make you feel like in France...hehehe
Then the other one place is for those people who like to play Futsal with your gang or buddy. A Bola-Bola opened at the Times Square just behind the Jungle Gym there. It has two court there, B$40.00 per hour. So if you have 8 person play each person only 5 dollars saja which I think is reasonable lah the rate. 



Inside view of #Madbites

Inside view of #Bola2bn

Another view of Madbites

 Another View of Bola-Bola

 Madbites's Macoroon

 Hang Out with the Media and Bloggers at Bola-Bola!!! Great to see you all with short pants hehehe