Me 01-01-2013

This is me the 01-01-2013 look!!! 

Me 01-01-2011

Me 01-01-2010

If you compare my face with the last 2 years I think I kinda look a bit  old and fat. Ya lah I know my face's bulk-bulu make me looks old lah bruthers but if you look closely I do look a bit old heheh.
Writing blog sometime do fun also. Not only that I have meet more new friends, places and new things but also it can help me to records what's going on about my last year! Yes can say is my online dairy also but it just a little difference is people's story also masuk in here too...

Bah now lets see what happening and big news during last year. It got good and bad, happy and sad...
I ate a mee that I think only try once : Mee Durian!!!
Sadly to heard that a 2 years old beautiful little girl die: Be A Man Zini
An Old Comic Book Store Closed: Super Lelong Chinese Comic Books
A Bad Day For A Truck Driver: Happy Friday The 13th

My Friend Convert To Muslim: Congratulation Bruther Leong  
Whitney Houston Pass Away: Who Die? 
Kristal Astro Launching New Package: KS New Package

A man holding a Katana walking at Kiarong and next day some people tot is was me:  It Wasn't Me 
New iPad Launch: The New iPad
Nasi Katok vs Nasi Ayam Penyet: Outside Is More Exciting Than Inside
New restaurant open but closed after few months: Kaiz Cuisine 
Whole world crazy about this apps but after one month nobody play: DrawSomething

My First Speech for the Stargazing: Earth Hour 2012 At Meragang Beach
A stupid driver did a stupid turn: Is My Fault, I Too Careless
Zainal Abidin joining Beach Bunch for clean our beach: BB Earthday Cleanup 2012
I create my first group in fb, less than a year more than 2k sunset posted by the members: Brunei 1800 Sunset


Boy Fight After School: Another Bully Video
Bad Bus Driver: You Dare To Sit His Bus?
2012 The Most FAQ: Cibui Came To Save Our Day!!
My First project of Beach Bunch event: Beachathon 2012

Everyone Hated Bruce Lim: Do You Suka Him? 
I Burn My Hand: Deep Fried Tiger Paw
A Famous Restaurant From Sabah Open In Town: Kah Hiong Ngiu Chap In Brunei
A Fail Parking at Gadong: Best Sharing Photo of The Day

My Another Nice Restaurant List: Next Station Bayswater 
I Found A New Way To Eat Durian: Butterfly Durian 
Found A Place Selling Old Time Ice-Cream: My Old Time Ice-Cream
My Second year of Ramadan Food Hunting with my Buddy: Stadium And Gadong Gerai Ramadan  

She Is The Best Of Olympic Weight Lifter: You Are Always In My Mind
A One Billions Youtube Video View Born: Stop Asking Me For That
No More Play Play On The Road: Demerit Points System Handbook Launch
My iPhone 4 Sold: Good Bye iPhone

I'm A September Boy: Thanks For The B'Day Gift & Greeting
iPhone5 Launching: I'm Happy With iPhone5 
Finally Someone Did A Local Oppa Gangnam Style: Brunei Oppa Gangnam Style 
Royal Wedding: Awesome Gift From Royal Wedding
Our Local Singer In Korea: Putri Very Famous In Korea

The First Time I Met  DST CEO but after 3 month he no more work there: Nano Sim Card Come Soon
The New iMac and Mini iPad Launch: I Want iMac
My 3rd Time Visit Sabah After 10 Years: My KK trip
RBA become RB: New Name... RB

M Is Back: Remind Me 20 Years Ago
The Korea Amway Is Back Again: Flying Lantern 
November How Can I Missed Movember: Movember Night
The Crazy Durian Season Begin: How I Wish It Fall

Heheh... December like nothing much things happen and I also less update my blog due to during November my maid balik kampong kahwin sudah so I spend a lot of time jaga my anak lah. But I still did couple of thing too like passing a thousand plus donation to Nancy,  I got my iPhone 5....
In a year I did so much thing but the best time, best thing I did was chasing a Suzuki APV from Tungku Beach to Lambak...hehehe you know what I talk about right!!!!

Oh ya I haven't wish you all a new year greeting here...
Bah Wish You All Happy New Year and All The Best lah... And Thanks to you all support visit my blog!!!