I Prefer Wait Until They're Here

Me and my baby also can do Acrobat too!!!

Yes kalau for me.... I always prefer wait until the day the show is up then I buy the ticket go and saw lah if not how do I know is real for not or it just another scam again. If it is a real good show do you think not going to extent kan right! So why have to hurry hurry go buy ticket like Kiasu the ticket kan habis. 
For me I already don't trusted this kind of event sudah coz we are not one time kana tipu by those unknown company making show in town anymore. No unless my eyes really really see they crews and equipment are landed and setup lah! 
2 times sudah we people kana tipu and just like that, Money Paid, Ticket Bought and Where is the show???
On the June 2009 Hello Kitty Live In Brunei... Do you still remember??? Did you buy the tickets? The show had cancel and money say refund.... yeah right refund a head lah... until now I still have the ticket. But I don't know is a scam or what lah but the advert power man... wah like real one and everyone also believed. 
And again.... Back to August 2006 We all believe 光良-Michael Wong ( famous singer from Taiwan) come to Brunei for this Tour. But where got??? Sendiri Karaoke at home and sing this song ada lah!!!
Aiyo... same like you go cinema watch movie here bah... where got buy the ticket 3 months ago one you think go KL watch F1 kah.... hahahaha
I'll 100% bring my family to watch that show but only when is in front of my eyes!!! Me no more third time be a Stupid anymore!!!