Concepts Computer Annual Dinner

Congratulation to the Concepts Computer celebrating the 13th anniversary. I also kana invited to their annual dinner at Seri Kemayan there makan. Everyone came not only got makan but also got won some awesome prize back home on that night.. The best part is it have a Acer V5 to win by one lucky person form the media. I told to the Concepts Computer general manager Mr. Vincent.P if I win that Acer V5 I'll switch myself from Mac to PC. heheheh to bad I'm not that lucky but I still won a Prolink Wireless Pan/Tile IP Camera back home...
Thank you for invited me for the dinner and and I was an awesome night I had last night!

The GM of Concepts Computer Mr.Vincent.P giving a speech during the night! 

Yam Seng.....

Some dance performance by the staffs...

She is the lucky winner from the Media.

Rano got a computer speaker

Puas hati sudah... now can smile and balik rumah happily ever after... hehehe

She is the best lucky winner of that night... won a Acer laptop and.....

A Epson Projector 

The Last Standing Man.. Won a Acer V5. But have to do the gangnam style before handover the prize to him!!! hehehe

Me also not bad got this ip camera..