CF11 At Indoor Stadium

CF11 today kick off at the Indoor Stadium outside car park there. This year have something different than previous year, It not in the ICC or Bridex, so when I step into the camp there I see many people are sweating and keep fan fan there!! They have aircon but macan not power enough. I recommended if you want to go better don't go in the lunch time or in between 11am-1pm lah. unless they set few more aircon lah!!!
Compare with last year ( see here ) I kinda like this year here. But off coz I smaller lah but I see got more stuff and more interesting. This year CF11 I don't see got shuttle bus. So I just park my car near the on the other side of the indoor stadium and took 5 minutes walk to the camp.
But remember don't put some bag or valuable items in your car oh... later you window kana break and lost your stuff. So far I knew that place always got this kind if case happen there especially at the night time!!!
 One thing I had learn with every time I came to this kind of fair. If you want to buy some thing there I suggest you buy with the local companies there. I had found that those foreigner companies their things sometime is only new or seldom having here, but mostly of it not Tahan Lama to use and yet is not cheap!!! They came here just to make money not to serve you long term. Just like the one I post in my FB and things for massage head one I found interesting and want to share with you all, B$15.00 each but 2 only B$20.00. I thought is worth it mana tau one of my reader say at XX Mall only B$5.00 each!!! So do you see tha!!! Be smart ok.... not guaranty you buy the stuff there are good deal!!!!
After 4 days the things you buy then rosak... ah bye bye lah. If kalau local company you still can go to their shop can change!
Be a Smart Shopper not a Dumb Ass there!!!

SHHco. specialist with Tyre, Rims and Car Care!!!

Concepts Computer, Best Deal in Town. Not only the price but also services.

If you are a book reader lovers then you should drop by here dBookHaus. Price are incredible worth!!! Cook book, comic, education, story macam-macam ada! Check in their FB

Can you believe that this cat book only sell for B$79.90 and is new!!!

You see the long long round pipe things? That is the aircon but still feel warm here at noon!!!

This is nice... a flower pillow can turn to 3 way!!!

I kinda like this white printer from the Concepts Computer!!! 

I want Tongkat Ali.... they don't have only have Sea Horse, Lion King, Shark, Snake, Zebra, Horse, Fish, Dinosaur !!! 

Check it out this in the indoor stadium. Your car not need the key to open the lock anymore!!!

Motor and car showcase at CF11 too

Have you try out this new energy drink in town? RealPower the official energy drinks by Real Madrid. Import by Chuen Lai Company.

Sorry this is not my section.... Let's reverse gear!!! 

One for $15.00 Two for $20.00... Yea right!!!