Can I Camp Here????

Hey... Look I found a great spot to do camping!!! hehehe You don't have to worry no toilet, no water, no foods and no entertainment. Some more you phone sure have signal, Incase of emergency 3 minutes  you can reach hospital. No money in your wallet... no worries SCB and HSBC just 3 minutes walk saja. Hungry?? more senang lagi... Ayam Penyet just across the road saja!! This spot is awesome and is not hot at all... heavy rain also not need to worry too..... heheheh

Tell you what... this is my first time I use walk to across this place and I found is kinda waste lah. If can make it as car park I think is good coz this area here sometime is really not enough car park. I'm sure if open for parking car guaranty people like to park here and walk to the shop coz is totally cool under here even in the noon.