Be A Smart Customer Not A Dumb Buyer

WalanEh..... Lucky I got go do home work if not I think I'm gonna be another victim chop by their samurai!!! Holy crab... their price are really ridiculas man!!! If my house rice cooker didn't turn like that I think I also didn't found out this case.

Last 2 week I just notice that our rice cooker is time to retire so I told my mom is time you chance a new one sudah. Then last week I went to the CF11 and saw a booth got selling rice cooker and I ask the sell man how much each.. He told me after discount is B$53.10 only. I never buy rice cooker before so I don't know their price but I remember in HuaHo the Tiger brand is nearly B$200.00 so I think this one here are consider cheap lah. So I told the sell man to put the calculator beside the rice cooker and I want to take photo and show my mother. Lucky I didn't buy on the spot because I didn't bring enough money that day coz I just want to coverage the CF11 saja. After one week which is yesterday Sunday me and my wife plus anaks went to the Jaya Hypermark I saw the same brand, same size, same color, same model only selling B$39.90 only!!! Is B$14.00 different Bruthers!!! 
I really don't understand how can it be such a big number different with it? Yet is after discount some more.. if is not discount wah friends this people really son of Dracula's son lah.. suck our bloods until we dry!!! I'm sorry to tell this here... after I found out this rice cooker things I think I never trusted anymore this kind of Fair Fair things anymore!!! 
So sellers purposely mark up their price here in the Fair do you think this is call FAIR?
So I advise all the shopper be a smart shopper not a dumb buyer next time at CF12.