Any More Bad News??

What are the next bad news lagi may happen this week... Enough liao lah. In a week after everyone celebrate at the New Year Eve in 7 days already go so many bad news happen in town. Gadong spare parts shop burn, 15 years old boy kana hit by car at Jerudong and yesterday another orang putih pakai bicycle also kana hit by car... all this pictures spreading in whatapps and fb...
Bad news but lucky no one die lah.. if not lagi bad.
Now think about it nowadays everyone here are become reporter sudah. Whatever things happen in the town we can know the news instantly.. thanks to the social media lah. 
But not all people like to see their friends and family member yang kana share in the social media the major reason is because of malu lah.. Ya I also mall if one day my picture kana share in there if I pee on the street... But think in the bright side when everyone see the young boy and orang putih kana hit by car everyone also feel kasian to them but after we all saw the news paper say that their are fine my first thing is "oh thanks god". Do you see that? We all don't know the person but also care about it. No one like to see this kind of things happen one... but we like to hear the news after the person is fine.
I hope the two victim can recover soon as they can and please be careful saja next time. remember there is other user using the road also, We Share The Road Not Own The Road. so please kindly share some space and slow don't a bit lah.
As you all can see this day more people jogging and cycling on the road together with the car so drivers now not only have to be careful with car saja but also others like ATV, Motorbike, Bicycle etc... 
So please think of the others don't be selfish like you own the road!!!!